A 32-Bit Program for Windows 95 / Windows NT

Don't be fooled by the competition's claims, EZ Bid is the best bidding/sniping tool out there. If you want to know why EZ Bid is better than product X then just ask! As for their claims that a HTML page loaded in a web browser can bid just as fast as my program, well I've tried it. A web page doesn't even come close. EZ Bid makes one connection to the Ebay(tm) servers and only posts (sends) data without retrieving any. Normally your browser makes three connections and it retrieves data every time it connects. This process is SLOW, more so when network conditions are bad. You may say "Who cares?" but read on and I'll explain how this will help you WIN MORE AUCTIONS and keep you from having to type that long user id again!

Features that set EZ Bid apart from the competition:
  • A fully 32-Bit Program for Windows 95/NT (not a slow web page)
  • Bypasses Ebay(tm) confirmations for faster bidding
  • Enter your user id/password once and only once!
  • Option to password protect EZ Bid at start-up (great if you have kids)
  • Handles Dutch Auctions (some don't)
  • Easily run multiple copies (great for "sniping")
  • Professional install program with EZ to read instructions
  • Unlimited support and FREE upgrades (within version)

Why should I be using EZ Bid?

First, EZ Bid is a commercial 32-Bit program for Windows 95/NT and is not shareware or a glorified web page. EZ Bid makes its connection directly to the Ebay(tm) servers while bypassing all the confirmation screens which results in a simple one-step bidding process. In addition, EZ Bid is a great "sniping" tool because you can run multiple copies in memory or even minimize it so it is waiting in the taskbar (that gray bar at the bottom of the screen) for a one-click response.

What is this "sniping" thing you keep talking about?

For those who don't know, sniping is the art of bidding in the final seconds of an auction that has a predetermined ending time in an effort to snatch an auction away from an opponent. The number of people "sniping" on Ebay(tm) is growing every day and this probably explains why you have been losing so many auctions lately. Whether your already a seasoned "sniper", or are tired of being the victim of one, you need EZ Bid because it will level the playing field because you can snipe too (or just get in a counter bid).


As a special bonus to purchasers of EZ Bid I will also include my Complete Guide to "Sniping" Ebay(tm) Auctions!!! This guide is a must-have for those wishing to become effective "snipers" or looking for a way to stop being a victim of one. It is also an invaluable reference on bidding strategies that will help you win more auctions and pay less for those you win.

So how exactly do I use EZ Bid?

EZ Bid is really simple to use. Just type (or use cut-copy-paste) the auction number of the item you wish to bid on. Once the auction number is entered, type in your bid amount. Enter a new quantity if this is a Dutch Auction and you want to bid on more than one item. Otherwise, click "Bid". Wait a couple of seconds and you will get a notice that your bid has been made. Please note you didn't have to enter your user id or password and there was no second step to confirm your bids! I told you it is simple!

EZ Bid sounds great, but is it hard to set up?

No, it comes with printed documentation which completely covers its use. It also has a professional install/uninstall program. Set-up is a breeze, just click "User Info," enter your user id and password in the corresponding boxes, and click "Save".

What about support and upgrades?

Like all my programs, I stand behind EZ Bid and will make every effort to assure you are a satisfied customer. View my Feedback File if you would like to see what others are saying about me. You have unlimited technical support and free upgrades within versions (1.x, 2.x, etc.) via my web site. I will also notify all registered users via e-mail of any upgrades (unless you indicate you don't want the notifications).

What are the system requirements for EZ Bid?

EZ Bid is a 32-bit program written for Windows 95/NT. It is currently not compatible with AOL unless you connect through a local Internet provider. There is not a version for Macintosh, Windows 3.x, or UNIX.

OK, where is the fine print?

Buyers prepay by cash, check or money order and add a shipping and handling fee of $3.00 (in the US). Buyers outside the US should contact me to arrange payment/shipping information.

EZ Bid is not affiliated in any way with Ebay(tm) Auction Web.

All questions about EZ Bid are to be directed to the seller.

Place your order and start winning more auctions today!

Copyright 1998 Monty McDougal