Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
features How can I buy Windows Forensic Toolchest™ (WFT) without a PayPal account?
PayPal supports payments for users without PayPal accounts. On the first checkout screen where you can login to PayPal use the link in the lower right hand side of the page just below the heading “Don't have a PayPal account?”. If this method is still unsatisfactory, contact me and we can make other arrangements.
features What happened to the free version of Windows Forensic Toolchest™ (WFT)?
After providing WFT for free to the security community for nearly 4 years, I have decided to make version 3.x a commercial product. WFT is still available for download, but the downloaded version is restricted to specific uses identified within its license. WFT has consumed several hundred hours of development and support over the last few years, and while $100 is a modest amount, it will help motivate me to continue to develop and support WFT (since the donation model did not work out at all). I have no plans of supporting the 1.x or 2.x code bases in the immediate future and will instead be focusing on bringing new features to version 3.x.
features I saw that there is an option "-def deffile". Interesting. Could you send me an example wft.def file or a description of the syntax?
The last screen of the interactive has an "S" option which saves the default file. It is XML. The values should be self-evident, but if you have questions until the 3.x documentation is complete let me know. Note, if present the default file will be used unless you explicitly use the -nodefault flag.
features What is with the "expiring" free versions?
This enforces periodic product updates for unregistered users. This is optional for registered users.